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Add beauty as well as functionality to your home or office. The bottle less water coolers that you will find from Aquarius Water, LLC., are both fully functional for hot and cold water and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Choose from basic colors to more contemporary looks. There is a variety of styles to choose from to suit all tastes.

Choose from a variety of styles

Low, FIXED monthly fee!

Installation and maintenance on all products.


leaf glacier 2

Available in white, black or granite.

Hot and cold.

Clover D-16A

Clover D14A

Contemporary looking cooler in hot and cold.


Contemporary looking cooler in hot and cold.

An attractive, space saving POU cooler that will fit on almost any counter and in any decor.

Clover D1


Our most popular cooler - high capacity purification system; the most cost effective and reliable bottle-less water cooler available on the market today. 


LG high-efficiency compressor with the lowest cycle rate available ensures a long lifespan.

Product Specs 1 Product Specs 1 Product Specs 2 Product Specs 2 Product Specs 3 Product Specs 3 Clover D14A D-1-counter-top-thumbnail D-16-floor-model-thumbnail D-7-White-floor-model-thumbnail h1 oasis