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Features and Benefits

  •  Double mechanical float system for reliable operation

  •  Secondary float acts as a safety precaution by shutting off water supply

  •  Manual reset switch located at top of system for easy access

        * Green indicates normal function

        * Red indicates the secondary float has been activated

  •   5 micron air filter

  •   ¼ " Inlet tube for connection to water supply

  •  Child resistant handle is standard on the Hot faucet

  •  FDA approved self-closing Tomlinson faucets

  •  Noise dampening technology for quite operation

  •  Durable polyethylene cabinet comes with UV protection to prevent fading

  •  Mounting plate for easy installation of Semper filtration products

Technical Specs

  •  Power rating - Single phase(100V-115V 60Hz)

  •  Standard current - H&C: 6.2A, C&C: 1.2A

  •  PowerConsumption

      -  Cold - 74W

      -  Hot - 450W

  •  Cold

      -  Compressor - Single phase motor (TS24 LATG)

      -  Refrigerant - R134a

      -  Capacity - 3.5L (0.9 gal)

  •  Hot

      -  Heater - Band heater

      -  Temp range - 75-92°C (167-197.6°F)

      -  Temp Control - 82-89°C (179.6-192.2°F)

      -  Capacity - 4.5L (1.2 gal)

  •  Refrigerant charge -  28.4g (1.0 oz)

  •  Product weight H&C: 14.7kg (32.4 Ib), C&C: 13.8kg (30.5 Ib)

  •  Product boxed weight H&C: 15.8kg (34.8 Ib), C&C: 15.1kg (33.3 Ib)

  •  Product dimensions

      -  312(W) X 314 (D ) X 980(H)mm

      -  12.2"(W) X 12.4"(D) X 38.6"(H)

  •  Certifications  C-UL-US, CE, CB, CCC, SASO

Clover D14A

Features and Benefits

  •  CABINET - Top and front panels are molded of ABS plastic and side panels are made of electric zinccoated steel with high polymer polyester resin.

  •  COLOR - Off White, Dark Gray, Wine Red

  •  FAUCETS - Durable polypropylene. Self-closing type. Easy to operate.

  •  DRIP TRAY - Concealed liftout design, high impact, durable ABS, Removable, anti-splash grid diverts drip water into reciptacle.

  •  COLD WATER TANK - Hygienic stainless steel.

  •  COLD WATER THERMOSTAT - Temperature is controlled to 4°C~10°C by adjustable thermostat, easily accessible on back

  •  REFRIGERATION UNIT - Convection cooled condenser, internally spring mounted hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector. No lubricant needed. Refrigerant is controlled by accurately calibrated capillary tube.

  •  HOT WATER TANK - Hygienic type stainless steel. Highly effcient internal heating element. Fire proof insulation.

  •  HOT WATER THERMOSTAT - Water temperature is controlled to nearly 185°F(85°) by automatic, hot water ON/OFF switch is easily accessible on back.(Model D14A)

  •  DUAL FLOAT VALVE - Water level is controlled with a Dual float valve. Dual float valve maintains water height in reservoir. Incoming water pressure range of 20~100psi.

  •  ELECTRICAL - 220V ~ 240V(±10%) 50/60Hz, 100V ~ 127V(±10%) 50/60Hz provided with power cord. Units of other power supplies available upon special order.

  •  QUALITY - Our models covered by these specifications are manufactured to comply with the standards of overseas quality program.

  •  WARRANTY - One year on the sealed refrigeration system and most component Part.


Technical Specs

D14A(HOT&COLD) Model

  •  Cold Water - 1.0GAL of 50°F/HR(3.8L of 10°C)

  •  Hot Water - 2GAL of 185°F/HR  (7.5L of 85±5°C)

  •  Room Temp. Water - NON

  •  Dimensions - 12.3"W(313mm) x 12.7"D(323mm) x 39.3"H(1000mm)

  •  Weight - 32 lbs(16kg)




  •  Cold Water -  1.0GAL of 50°F/HR(3.8L of 10°C)

  •  Hot Water - NON

  •  Room Temp. Water - 0

  •  Dimensions - 12.3"W(313mm) x 12.7"D(323mm) x 39.3"H(1000mm)

  •  Weight  - 30 lbs(15kg)


  *  Cold and hot water: The above rates tested in ambient temperature-90°F(32°C),

Water inlet temperature - 80°F(27°C). Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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