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Space saving and attractive

These water coolers are great for smaller areas. There are some models that can fit on a countertop to take up less space. Choose the contemporary looks to liven up any workplace or home.


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Perks of a bottleless water cooler

•  FREE week trial with sign - up

 FREE Installation

•  FREE maintenance

•  FREE filter changes

•  Save up to 50% off bottled water

Quality water for a low fee

You can get exceptional tasting filtered water for a low monthly fee with Aquarius Water LLC. Call today to set up an appointment.

When you start using a water cooler with a high quality water filtration system you'll notice a huge difference. There are no messy bottles to deal with.


Start saving money from dealing with Workman's Compensation claims from injuries lifting those heavy bottles. With bottleless water coolers there is no lifting.

You will save time and money

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