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• Perfectly Brewed Single Serve Cup

Choose from up to five brew cycles – Coffee Mild,

Medium, Bold, Espresso and Iced Coffee


• Better Brewing Process, Better Tasting Coffee

The precise brewing process combined with quality pods makes

for a better tasting cup of coffee


• Lower Price per Pod vs K-cup

We are happy to provide you details on our pricing


• Quiet Auto Eject

Pods are automatically ejected into an internal waste receptacle


• Freedom of Choice

Enjoy a wide selection of POD flavors from Baronet Coffee Roasters


• Environmentally Friendly

Pods are biodegradable


• Built for High Volume Applications

High quality, rugged construction that can withstand the rigors of

everyday use


• Affordability

We waive the monthly lease of the brewer with the purchase

of 2 cases of coffee per month. The 10-gram pods are 6/18ct

per case (108 pods per case)


• Serviceability

All service calls are included


• Plumb and Play Operation

The brewer is plumbed into your cold water line and uses filtered

water, so there is never any hassle of re-filling the reservoir


• Custom Branding

The entire front can be branded with your custom image


• Dimensions

         Height 17.67”

         Width 9.81”

         Depth 19.69”


Pod Coffee Brewer


monthly fee!

Installation and maintenance on all products.



Fast and Efficient

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