Covid19 Resources

From the CDC website: (about Drinking water and Covid19 resources)
“The virus that causes COVID-19 has not been detected in drinking water. Conventional water treatment methods that use filtration and disinfection, such as those in most municipal drinking water systems, should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Contactless Water Cooler and Bottle Station products are now available at Aquarius Water & Coffee.

Contactless Split level Water cooler with Bottle Filler
Contactless bottle filler

Our contactless products and resources promote safe and hygienic spaces by helping to limit high-use contact points that can harbor dangerous pathogens including Covid19. Antimicrobial components are infused with FRESHIELD® to help fight against degradation caused by the growth of bacteria Electronic sensor for touch-free activation and so much more.

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We’ve also outlined a new step-by-step process to ensure everyone stays safe at their office beverage centers.

Both water and coffee machines are completely sealed units. Only purified water will flow through the units. When the units are serviced we sanitize them inside and out.

How to clean a water cooler and pod coffee machine:

1. Clean all handles on water coolers with disinfectant wipes.
2. Clean button, and touch screen on coffee machines.
3. Empty the water cooler drip tray every day. Clean it with soap and water
4. Empty the coffee machine drip tray and pod bin every day and clean it with soap and water.

How to clean an automatic brewer:

1. Clean surfaces that are touched…. buttons, basket and hot spout with disinfectant wipes
2. Clean the basket where the coffee grounds are placed
3. Clean brew head where the basket is placed


Instructions for employee use:

1. Each employee should wash their hands prior to and after getting their coffee and water.
2. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe off touched surfaces on the water cooler or coffee machine.
3. One person at a time is allowed near the dispenser/coffee set up, allowing 6 feet of distancing.

Please feel free to print out this flyer and post it in your office beverage center.

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