Single Serve K-Cups

Coffee Program

K-cup Compatible Coffee Brewer


  • K-cup® capsule compatible
  • Commercial grade construction & stylish
  • Serviceable/Repairable (HOD/Warranty Repair)
  • Eco mode: after 20 minutes without use, eco-mode is on.
  • Add water indicator: active when water level become low
  • 2 minutes from off (ambient 68°F)
  • 3 consecutive cups of 6oz size or 2 consecutive cups of 10oz size
  • Water heating function within 1 minute
  • Mains water connection: mechanical float system conversion kit available

K-cup® capsule compatible

The Uniserve Brewer’s™ designed to be compatible to work with K-cup® coffee brands.

Commercial Grade and Stylish

Commercially-rated single serve coffee brewer perfect for small offices. Also ideal for home for it’s easy-to-use features and stylish design.

Brew the best out of coffee

Built with high heat and bar pressure to extract coffee’s best flavor

2 consecutive cups of 10oz size or
3 consecutive cups of 6oz size

Fast and Efficient

With water heating function within 1 minute, you’ll get your steaming hot K-Cup® compatible beverage in no time

Never run out of hot beverage

65 ox External Reservoir

4.3 gallons per hour flow capacity

Single Serve Coffee Brewer Specifications

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