Water Purity

Choose between two types of water purification

People have different preferences when it comes to water purity and purification techniques. You can choose between Reverse Osmosis and Absolute Micron purification. With Reverse Osmosis, we take all the chemicals out as well as the minerals. With Absolute Micron filtration we take the chemicals, but leave the minerals in for you to enjoy.

Many people like the minerals and are used to them. This is the more common choice and is less expensive. Minerals give water its flavor. 90% of our customers choose this option.

Great tasting water regardless

It doesn’t matter which purification system you choose, you will enjoy delicious tasting water. Water that is filtered through our Reverse Osmosis system is more like distilled water. Water that is filtered through our Absolute Micron system is more like Evian or spring waters.

What do you take out of the water?

  • Chlorine
  • Lead
  • Bad taste and odor
  • Other chemicals
  • Minerals for those choosing Reverse Osmosis – extra charge

You won’t regret bottleless water

Bottleless water is cost effective and it tastes better. How can you go wrong? Call us today if you have questions about Reverse Osmosis or Absolute Microns. We’d be happy to explain it more.

Removes Heavy Metals from your building’s water supply

Heavy metals are purified through our filtration systems.  Our filters, which are made in the USA, are changed regularly as part of your ongoing maintenance.

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